Mr. Whisper

Censored by Georgina Art Centre and Gallery

“Wauve, true wauve”.  Ha!  Look at this guy watching Princess Bride.  Doesn’t even know that true love has found the inner workings of his body and oh how I am going to wreak havoc on it.  Just like last night, when he invited his girlfriend over.  Breaking quarantine…naughty naughty.  During the mad passionate sex, I let a piece of me loose.  Instantly it was absorbed into her body.  My virus will make sweet love in the form of a cough, maybe a dry throat, fuck it I’ll just mutate and do whatever the fuck I want.  This is what true love looks like in the time of a pandemic.  I don’t need flowers or chocolates, no anniversaries to miss or birthdays. I’m invisible and unknown until you can’t breathe and drift off into the darkness. 

I’m in for the win and the body count rises. 

If a virus could rub its hands together and sound off an evil laugh, I’d be doing it.

Chaos is my virus to which there is no vaccine.  Just as you think you have me beat a new version of myself pops up.  A bigger badder me with my arms wide open waiting to pull you into a loving embrace. 

Call me Mr. Whisper as that is all it takes for me to bring on the end.

The End.

Written by F.C. Janes

Trained to do It

I sat in the corner chair.  The beer opened with a hiss and cool vapours rose up into the hot air.  Droplets of condensation ran down the bottle as the two temperature’s mixed.  Taking a long sip from the bottle I let the bittersweet liquid fill my mouth before I swallowed.  Putting the bottle down on a coaster I looked down at the set of four feet sticking out from the floor at the foot of the bed.  One set belong a very cute woman.  She was in her mid-thirties; the other set belong to a man in his late forties. 

There was the tiniest spot of blood on the woman’s ankle, the man’s left foot was covered in it.  I didn’t know their names, didn’t care to know them.  I didn’t even know what they had done.  I simply got a phone call followed by a job offer and a dollar sign.  Then it was up to me to decide if I wanted to take it or not.  The pay day was too good to pass up and I was already in town by chance.  What town you ask?  That I can’t exactly say, or you’d report me and then I’d be running from the authorities.  That is something I had never had to face yet and didn’t want to.  I took another sip from the bottle and as I stared at the four feet I couldn’t help but wonder what they were trained to do.

Every day I passed people on the street that had normal jobs.  I ordered my chai tea latte from the same barista you might.  You know the petite dark-haired girl, probably in her early twenties.  Always smiles, even behind the mask I’m sure she was still given that cute heart melting smile.  I wondered how many men came back here every day at the same time just hoping to see her.  She was trained how to use the machine to steam the milk, how to make the drinks, probably had to study the steps to making everything on the menu.

Doubt that her trainer showed her how to stalk a target.  To not rush into it.  Assassination was a fine art, like painting or writing.  It took years to get good at it and if the man or woman that helped you learn was a competent killer you could rest easy knowing the skills you’d learn would keep you alive and out from behind bars.  A bad trainer would end your career before it started.  In the business we don’t call them trainers or mentors, nothing like that.  We have our own names for these people, which I cannot share, being an assassin is also like being part of a secret society.  Think of it as being a Freemason, you can know a little, but you never really know anything for sure.

I’m sure if we had monthly meetings it would be rather interesting and bloody.  Probably a few fights here and there and not to mention the egos that would be in the room.  Hell, there probably wouldn’t be any room to sit with all those egos.  We assassins are a proud bunch.

I finished the beer; didn’t worry about the DNA that I would leave on it.  I didn’t exist in any database anywhere, so I wasn’t worried.  I’d be a ghost that the authorities would be looking for and never find.

Standing over the bodies I looked down at them.  Another story of two people that I ended.  I wondered that if I had been adopted by a nice family maybe I’d be the barista working beside the dark-haired cutie.

The End.

Suitably Warm

I never really consider the consequences of life when you’re living it.  I was never one for church or repenting of my many sins but I hope that the good things I did in life would out weight the bad.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It would seem I did very little good.

On the day of my death I wondered if I would see the light and be whisked away to a beautiful place.  But that was not the case.  I could see my friends standing around me, which were few.  I never married so there were no tears being shed by a grieving widow.  Hell I was only forty years old.  But when my friend pulled the plug on the machine that helped me breath my soul stepped from its body and a strange thing happened.  The world around me faded away.  Like a heavy fog in the early morning it slowly disappeared.  And what surrounded me was an empty space it was like living on a white board.

I walked for what felt like an eternity before I came to a large desk, it reminded me of something you’d find in a courtroom.  Suddenly a large being appeared behind the desk, I jumped in shock not expecting that, thinking a door would open or some being would gently appear.  This creature didn’t look male or female, but it had a bright light swirling around it along with a glow of flames.  I stood there looking up at this giant Omni sexual being.

‘It’s judgment day.’  The voice echoed around the empty space like a song on repeat, never ending.  I couldn’t believe it, I thought judgment day was a joke to scare people in to going to church.  The echoes only ended when the being spoke again.  ‘You have spent only eight hours in church, but the way you lived your life has defined your true character.  Bully in high school and a bully in the work place.  Tell me did you have fun stepping on people in order to get raises and get that seat on the board?  Did you ever consider what you were doing to the other person?’

I just looked at the creature, not sure what to say.  I was surprised that this was happening.  But before I could answer or speak for my good deeds the creature continued.  ‘Let it be noted that the man in question has no reasons for the way he treated people.  I sentence you to the door of horns.’

‘Wait what?  I have something to say.  Please I’m sorry.’

‘Sorry…you sorry?  Those people are sorry their lives destroyed by your actions.  Door of Horns, please enter.’

I shook my head and walked around the desk.  The creature disappeared and I looked at the door of Halo’s, damn I knew where I was going.  Panic started to rise deep with in my eternal soul.  I didn’t want to go to Hell.  I ran to the door of Halos and pulled on the doorknob.  It didn’t budge.

I screamed and yelled to be let in but nothing.  Then the door of horns slammed open and a great wind blew out of it.  The wind was scorching as it swirled around me, I could feel invisible hands clutching at me pulling me.  The invisible wind was dragging me to the door.  I hung on to the doorknob but my grip failed and I flew through the door of Horns hearing it slam behind me.

It was hot and in the shadows I could see things moving.  Screams lit up the surrounding area but I had no idea where they were coming from.  In the distance I could see buildings that were aflame, a sky that shimmered like coals.  A dark shadow against the red horizon was heading my way and I thought to myself hell I wish I had my sunglasses.


The End

No More Heroes

A small black zodiac raced towards an oil tanker that moved slowly through the waters off the coast of British Columbia. Lightening flashed across the night sky as the zodiac pulled up beside the tanker. Carpenter moved a hydraulic arm in to place stretching from the zodiac to the hull. At the end of the arm was a powerful magnet used to hold the zodiac in place.
Once secure to the hull Carpenter checked the magazine of his glock 30 pulling the slide back, happy with the action, he tucked the silenced weapon in to the holster under his left arm. Sliding on two highly engineered gloves that featured webbing over the palm and fingers he placed his hand against the hull. The weave held firmly as he started to scale the tankers hull. Each movement had to be calculated and measured, the glove had to make contact on tanker’s hull at a certain angle or he would have no grip and fall to the dark waters below.
Peeking over the edge Carpenter spotted two sentries on the deck. With a smooth roll of his right hand the glove peeled of the hull. The glock was in his hand and with two quick shots the sentries fell dead. Hauling himself aboard the deck of the tanker he dragged the dead bodies to cover.

Checking his watch quickly he had only thirty minutes before the terrorist organization called Shadow Group launched an Environmental Disrupter. He had first seen the weapon in use over a small island in the Atlantic on a computer screen during a visit to a secret CISIS bunker in B.C. When the device was detonated it took seconds for the island to break apart and disappear under the aqua colored waters. Everyone in the room stood in sheer awe and terror of what they had just seen.
His orders were simple destroy the weapon, the ship, and a K.O.S order was issued for the leader of Shadow Group a ruthless Canadian who called himself Lucius.
Carpenter moved to the bridge house, locating a staircase he followed it down until he was below the water line. Setting C4 charges on the hull he heard voices coming from behind him. Moving to the dark shadows behind the staircase he pressed himself against the cold steel of the bulkhead. The flat black clothing he wore blended him perfectly in to the shadows.
Two men holding AK’s stopped in front of him, he knew that he could easily kill the two with his combat knife but in this case it would be better to leave them. It would be nearly impossible to conceal the bodies below deck.
He listened to the men talk briefly about being at sea to long and the need for female company. In the back of Carpenter’s mind a clock ticked down and if these men didn’t move on soon he would have no choice but to end them.

Lucius paced the bridge of the ship. The hard steel walls had been retrofitted with a bulletproof glass dome giving him a 360-degree view. He looked to Macabre who was a nasty fellow with a long scar that ran down the middle of his face. “Have the Canadians and Americans paid yet?”
“No word on the money transfer, perhaps 100 Billion was to much to ask. Maybe they are stalling.” Macabre shrugged.
Lucius glanced up at the clock. “Fifteen minuets to pay, lets see what they decide to do.” Lucius looked out at the deck of the ship, secretly hoping that the U.S and Canada would not pay. “Macabre one more thing. Don’t ever say I ask for too much. Or I’ll strap you to the rocket and fire you in to oblivion.”
Macabre nodded, he knew that a threat coming from Lucius was no threat at all.
An alarm sounded on the bridge, in unison Lucius and Macabre turned to look at the monitors.
“I knew they would send someone body.” Macabre said.
“Jack Carpenter.” Lucius said without hesitation, he knew CISIS would send their best agent. “We are to close to let a cockroach ruin everything. Would you mind going to greet our guest?” Lucius asked.
“Not at all.” Macabre cracked his knuckles.
Lucius reached for a tranq gun and loaded it with a dart filled with a yellowish liquid. “Keep his attention Macabre, I’ll do the rest.”

Lights hung from steel rafters swaying back and forth as the storm slammed against the hull of the tanker. Carpenter bent over the control panel on the first of seven rockets trying to shut it down. The dim lights in the hold brightened up and he found himself surrounded by men armed with various types of automatic weapons.
“Hey Jack how have you been?” Macabre said with a cruel smile. “And could you please back away from the control panel? I’d hate to get blood over my boss’s new toys.”
Carpenter stood there and backed off the control panel turning to look at Macabre. “I see you are still hanging around with that pile of shit.”
“He doesn’t pretend to be more then what he is. Unlike CISIS with offices full of wannabe spies sitting behind workstations pretending they are playing Call of Duty. Besides he pays better then CISIS ever did.”
“How much does it cost to buy an agent now a days?” Carpenter needed to keep him talking. The disarm sequence had be initiated and was almost at 100%.
“Carpenter you wait, one day your country will sell you out. When you are on the other side you will see how easy it is operate with lack of rules, regulations, and red tape.”
Carpenter looked around at the men that had him surrounded. “What now Macabre?” He still had an ace up his sleeve and would blow the C4. “At least my hands are clean of innocent blood.”
“Don’t fool yourself Carpenter you have a trail of blood just as long as I do. The only difference is I’m paid better. Now why don’t you come down off that platform and we can go somewhere and chat?”
Carpenter smiled and instead of climbing down the metal staircase he leaped over the edge and took cover behind one of the legs of the platform. He pulled out the remote detonator and held it in his hand. His thumb hovered over the glowing green button.
There was a puff of expelled air then he felt a sting in his shoulder. He looked over and saw Lucius standing there. Carpenter’s mind sent a signal to his thumb to press the button but his thumb did not move.
Lucius walked up the platform and ended the disarm sequence then stared down at Carpenter from the top of the platform “I am lost for words. I expected more from an agent with your caliper Carpenter, figure that outwitted by a piece of shit. In case you are wondering why you can’t move, you have been infected with a nasty little concoction I created. It paralyzes you, but as you can see you can still breath. This is so I can get hands on.” Lucius looked at Macabre. “Take him to the bridge, I want him to see the show.”
“My pleasure.” Macabre walked up to Carpenter. “I’ll take that detonator if you don’t mind.” Then smacked him over the side of the head with the butt of his pistol rendering Carpenter unconscious.
“The rest of you find the explosives, check below the water line. Once you find them toss them over the side, I don’t want any chance of the explosives going off on their own.” Lucius said on his way back to the bridge.

Up on the bridge Carpenter woke to find himself kneeling with his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied at the ankle. “You wont get away with this.”
“Ah he has come around, Carpenter I highly doubt there is anyone here to stop me. Your superiors had to much confidence in you and because they have not paid they will pay the price for your failure and their ignorance.” Lucius looked over to Macabre. “Hand me your pistol.”
Carpenter’s knees started to sting from kneeling on the steel grated floor. He could see the deck of the oil tanker beginning to open and the tips of the seven rockets peeking through. “You’re wrong, I am not alone. I do have back up.”
Lucius shook his head. “You have a false sense of hope my friend. But at least you have faith that someone somewhere is doing something.”
“I have it because I trust those around me, I have faith in my country and the men and women that serve her.” Carpenter snapped.
“I have faith that once the world witnesses the end to North America that I will be a very rich man. And they will keep paying me from bringing all they know and love to an abrupt end.”
“So you’re not going to tell me your master plan? It’s just all about money?” Carpenter was running out of time he had to try to stall until he found away free of his bonds.
“Carpenter you have seen to many Hollywood movies if you think I am going to tell you my master plan.” Putting the pistol to Carpenter’s head. “This is a real gun and inside are real bullets and I’m not reading from any script, no one is going to yell cut. You just have to realize that there are no hero’s left. You’re a dying breed.” Pulling the trigger there was an echoing pop that sent pieces of skull and brain on the floor behind Carpenter as his body fell over dead. “Please dump him over the side. I want to be able to enjoy this.” Lucius turned his attention back to the rockets that were now on deck. “Macabre say hello to a new world.”
“Hello new world.” Macabre chuckled thinking that he would like this new world now that Carpenter was no longer apart of it.
The tanker started to vibrate with the sheer power of the rockets engine as it blasted. Lucius and Macabre watched it until it looked like a star in the sky. They had lost sight of it until the sky lite up like it was on fire. North America was coming to an end and the rise of the world’s greatest villain had begun.

The End.