I started writing years ago, so far back I can’t remember exactly when it all began but I can tell you a few of my memories of how writing has impacted my life.  When I was child maybe 10 years old I wrote into a radio contest.  The contest was to write a one page essay about why your father is the best, yes it was a Father’s Day contest.  Well out of all the children who entered in the Toronto, Canada area I won.  This was my first time speaking on the radio and being on any form of media.  I won a trip to Deerhurst Resort, where my father and I played tennis and golf I think.  A memory that stands out is me hitting the tennis ball so hard I hit it over two courts.  What can I say, I was over zealous.

As I grew up I moved into poetry and what sparked my interest in creating fiction is when I read Lord of the Rings for the first time.  That book opened my mind to what is possible when you live in an imaginary world. In my late teens I had wrote a few novels and short stories, continued to win some contests.

In my late teens I found a role playing website where I developed a character and late at night until early in the morning I’d stay up role playing. Did this for a number of years, and yes there was a lot of sex, guess you could say it was a form sexting before we had cell phones.  I grew out of that and decided to settle down and write that novel.

I’ve learned many lessons along the way and fought many battles both mentally and physically.  If anyone asks me what saved my life when I was ready to take it.  It is writing.  And maybe one day I’ll share that experience so those of you that suffer from mental illness will know you are not alone, that you can learn to fight back, and that life is worth living.

Please contact me if you want to say hi, chat, or discuss writing.  I enjoy hearing from people with similar interests and passions.  And I’m always willing to help out when you are stuck with your novel.  Free of cost…for now 😉.