Time for something different

For a while now I’ve been thinking of changing things up.  Since my last short story that I shared I’ve been arguing with myself that in place of a short story I share a chapter.  This would let us go on the adventure together from start to finish.  It would also be interesting to see where you think it will go and where I take it.

The difficult part is that I am already writing a novel and the last thing I want is the story to suffer by taking on too much.  Having my full-time job where I work 5 days a week and am on call during off hours while adding another novel to my plate.  Creatively it would be a challenge and the two stories would have to be dramatically different, the workload would also be a challenge.  Researching, outlining, character profiles, and the writing.

Or do I take one of the short stories I have already written and expand on it?

The next creative post will be on June 4th.  This gives me time to work on concept and decide if I continue with short stories or do I go all in and take us on an adventure?

One June 4th, we will get that answer.

F.C. Janes

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