That’s the Plan

I looked down and watched the life slowly drift out of the body.  Rivers of blood ran between fingers that were pressed tightly over my friends’ neck to try and stop the bleeding where I had slit his throat.  His eyes wide with shock as he looked up at me, surprised to see me of all people attached to the murder weapon.  “I know it’s a shock, I’d be surprised to if our roles were reversed.  But it had to be done.”  I looked around the dirty motel room, these rooms you could rent by the hour and the clerks didn’t give a shit who you are.  “Sorry it had to be in a shit hole like this.”  I looked down at him.  “But at least it is not the street corner or some back alley where you’d be left for the rats until some bum found you.”  I cleaned the knife with a white towel from the bathroom, leaving a red Rorschach on it. 

I waited until his last breath was taken before I left, I needed to make sure he was dead.  “Goodbye my friend.”  Sliding the knife back into its sheath I turned and left the motel, only two to go.

I sat at a red light, listening to the song Loser on the local alternative radio station.  My Charger rumbled at the light, a black BMW pulled up beside me, I looked over and saw two trophy wives staring back at me.  They started to laugh and giggle, the one in the driver seat winked at me.  I smirked, wasn’t into the old pussy, was more into the barely legal kind.  The light went green.  Glancing down at my GPS I had two blocks to go to Brazen, a new night club that had opened up and where I would find number two.  Not to be confused with a shit, well maybe a little.

There was a line up at Brazen, I didn’t do lines.  Walking to the left of the line I got to the bouncer.  “Back of the line Mr.”  The bouncer looked down at the guest list he was holding.

“You’ll find my name on the list.”  I said.

“Oh yeah?  Where?”

I pointed at a name with my left hand, while my right swung up from below.  The clipboard slammed into his face giving him a bloody nose and while he was stunned, I pulled the pen from the top clip and jammed it in his right eye.  He’d live, his eye wouldn’t but he had a second chance.  Behind me I heard gasps and screams as people started to scatter.  I walked into the club.

Music was thumping, some EDM song was playing.  That music sounded all the same to me.  This generations music is shit, the 90’s was so much better.  I knew number two well; he’d have some VIP booth and be surrounded by attention whores in sparkly short skirts and fake tits busting out of the tops.  All I had to do was head in the right direction and try to pick out the fake laughter from fake people.

It took seconds to find him.

“Hey didn’t think I’d see you in a place like this.”  Number two said.

I smiled.  “I didn’t think I’d find myself in a place like this either.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Have some left-over business.”  I replied.

“Oh, with who?”

I sat down beside him, moving some of the whores out of my way.  Using the table as cover I screwed the silencer on my pistol and position it out of sight and did my best to aim it at him.  It wouldn’t be clean, but it would do.  “You.”  He gave me a confused look as I pulled the trigger three times.  Explosions of red erupted from his chest, no shots were heard or seen besides the from the women surrounded us.  The screams were drowned out by the music, the gold diggers tripped over each other as they tried to get as far away from the scene as possible.  In the panic I disappeared.

Back on the street I drove North, heading out of the city.  Police cars with flashing lights passed me heading South.  No doubt heading to Brazen.  I wasn’t worried about security camera’s, I would be seen on the entrance and exit ones, but the main room, especially the VIPs wouldn’t have hidden cameras.  It would kill business if they did, no star, wealthy person, or wannabe would want to be caught on camera doing coke off a hooker’s ass.

It was half passed 1am when I got to the cottage.  It was a nice place, the only cottage on the lake.  Maybe number three owned the lake and not just the cottage to get this kind of privacy.  I knocked on the door, a light was still on inside.  I got lucky he was still up, if he wasn’t, I didn’t care, I would have just knocked harder.

The door open.  “You?  What the fuck are you doing here this late?”  Number three thought for a moment.  “Second thought what the fuck are you doing here?”

I shot him in the kneecap, the old man, maybe sixty years old collapsed with a groan.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!”  He held his knee.  “Do you know who I am?”

“Of course, you’re the one that set up the score.  The big boss.” 

“Why are you doing this, you got paid.”

I nodded.  “I did and thank you by the way.”

“What do you want!”  He said between muffled groans.

I looked into the cabin and saw a light turn on from the top of the stairs and a woman’s voice yelled out.  “Everything okay?  Thought I heard something?”

“Got a safe?” I asked

“Fuck you.”

“Does your wife know what you do?”

“Leave her the fuck out of it?”

“You didn’t answer my question.” 

“No, she is innocent.”

“If you want to keep her that way, tell me where the safe is and the combination.  Do I need to tell you want will happen to her if you give me shitty information?”  I hadn’t come here planning to rob the man, no, I just wanted to kill him.  But I was sure he was good for at least half a million hidden somewhere.

“Behind the painting over the fireplace.  Combination 10-65-34, now go.” 

I looked down at the old man, it was clear he was thinking why I was doing this.

“You are killing all loose ends, aren’t you?”

“That’s the plan.”  I shot him in the head. 

Stepping over the body I removed the painting from the wall and sure enough there was a safe there.  The combination even worked; I’d be lying if I wasn’t a bit disappointment that the old man was such a push over.  Opening the safe I saw some stacks of cash, I was right just over half a million, some jewellery, but what surprised me was a folder with bios on myself and the other men.  He was planning to blackmail us or sell us out if he ever got caught. 

Asshole!  I thought to myself.

I left the cottage and behind me I heard the scream as his wife found the body.  Now with all lose ends tied up I could rest.  No worries of one of the three getting caught up in bad action or doing something stupid and then I find myself in the cross hairs of an investigation.  I had more than enough to retire on.  It was time to find a beach and plant my ass on it.

The End.

F.C. Janes

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