It’s Gigantic

Every seat at the table had an ass planted in it.  Solo knights, duos, and teams of up to four knights had arrived at Bleak Point Castle.  Bleak Point was not a large kingdom, nor was it particularly important in the political arena.  It was a rather bleak place to call home.  But still, no matter the size, its importance, or the lack of natural resources it was part of the larger kingdom that fell under the Udiran Empire.  Being a part of this empire came with some perks, mainly protection and Bleak Point needed protecting dearly.

            A dragon had decided to move into the ruins of an old castle and was terrorizing the workers and destroying the crops.  After months of enduring this, Lord Karts finally sent a plea to the court of the Urdiran Empire, which sent word that they would pay 10,000 gold pieces to anyone who killed the beast, which explained why Lord Karts council room was full.

            “Thank you all for answering the call.”  Lord Karts said.

            “We are answering the call to riches, now can you explain where this dragon is and the quickest way to it?”

            “We are going to kill it first.”  One of the other knights at the table said.

            “We all can’t go running at once , we need a fair solution.”

            “Please…please calm down.  Let me answer the first question.  The old ruins can be found at the end of the Old Castle road to the North.  Stay on that road and it will take you right to it.  The castle is located on a point that sticks out into the ocean.  It is about two days ride from here.  And I do agree an agenda would be needed as I was not expecting so many of you honourable knights to show up.  So how do we do this?”

            “Solo’s first!”  One knight said.

            “We should do it in the order we showed up.”

            “How do we know who showed up first?”  Someone yelled from the back of the room.

            “Easy.”  The king said.  “My secretary here keeps records of all guests to Bleak Point Castle, the first check in was Sir Darrel.”

Two days later…

            “Two days ago Sir Darrel left on his most honourable quest.  He is dead.”  Lord Karts said.  “Second on the list was the duo of Sir Kindre and Sir Galin”

            Two more days later…

            “Well, the dragon did it again, extinguished the bright lights of Sir Kindre and Sir Galin.  Next up we have Sir Talie, and Madam Talie”

            Two more days later…

            “It’s with great sadness that I report the bloodline of the Talie’s has been ended.”  Lord Kart looked down at the list.  “All that is left is the foursome of Sir Rentry, Sir Ballant, Sir Harold, and Bob.”

            Two more days later…

            Sir Rentry stood beside Sir Ballant.  “I think we found it.”

            Sir Ballant nodded his head.  “What gave you that idea?”  Ballant looked to Rentry.  “The mass number of skeletons, the ruined castle, or that sound of a dragon rumbling away inside those ruins?”

            “Shut it.”  Sir Harold said, the most senior knight of the group.  “Be ready, anything could be coming our way.”

            Bob looked at the three of them and waited until they knights took their first steps.  No way in hell he was going to be first.

            The knights formed an arrowhead shape and Bob followed behind them, using them as a human shield.  The sound of the dragon breathing got louder and louder as the team approached what was left of the draw bridge.  There was a loud sniffing noise like hundreds of people sucking back snot at once.  Stone shattered and flew into the air and the dragon exploded from the castle and disappeared into the clouds.

            “That thing is fucking gigantic!”  Bob yelled out.  Watching the shadow of the dragon circle in the sky before it broke the clouds and was swooping down from his right, heading right towards them.

            “Ready on me!”  Sir Harold yelled.  The knights turned to face the dragon.

            Bob didn’t move, he stayed well back from the knights and closed his eyes.  Putting his hands over them.  He felt a great heat caress his skin, which tingled with heat.  Slowly he took his hands from his eyes and opened them to see the charred remains of the three knights.  That were now nothing more than statues of charred bone and melted metal slag. 

            “Oh fuck no!”  Bob said and turned, managing to do this awkward walk run.  He could still hear the dragon behind him but didn’t turn around to find out where it was.  “Nope…nope…not going to happen…nope.” 

            Two more days later…

            Bob, still doing his walk run went up the path, past everyone who stopped to look at him and ignoring those who wanted to speak with him.  All he said to anyone was.  “Nope!”  And walked right up to the council room where he found the king.

            “Bob, is it done?  Where are the rest of your team?”

            “Nope!”  Bob turned and disappeared.

The End.

F.C. Janes

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