Mr. Whisper

Censored by Georgina Art Centre and Gallery

“Wauve, true wauve”.  Ha!  Look at this guy watching Princess Bride.  Doesn’t even know that true love has found the inner workings of his body and oh how I am going to wreak havoc on it.  Just like last night, when he invited his girlfriend over.  Breaking quarantine…naughty naughty.  During the mad passionate sex, I let a piece of me loose.  Instantly it was absorbed into her body.  My virus will make sweet love in the form of a cough, maybe a dry throat, fuck it I’ll just mutate and do whatever the fuck I want.  This is what true love looks like in the time of a pandemic.  I don’t need flowers or chocolates, no anniversaries to miss or birthdays. I’m invisible and unknown until you can’t breathe and drift off into the darkness. 

I’m in for the win and the body count rises. 

If a virus could rub its hands together and sound off an evil laugh, I’d be doing it.

Chaos is my virus to which there is no vaccine.  Just as you think you have me beat a new version of myself pops up.  A bigger badder me with my arms wide open waiting to pull you into a loving embrace. 

Call me Mr. Whisper as that is all it takes for me to bring on the end.

The End.

Written by F.C. Janes

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