This week I thought I’d change it up a bit.  I do enjoy writing poetry as well as short stories and of late I’ve wanted to share more of the poetry I write.  This is a new poem I wrote not to long ago.  I hope you enjoy it.



What use to feel right
Now causes me to take flight
The burning flame
Snuffed and now I place blame

A constant argument deep in mind
Killing myself a step at a time
Royal rumble destroying thoughts dead
Ever growing concern of fear and dread


The cuffs of fear bind me
Lost and wanting to be free
Cracks in flesh are old marks I bled
Ideas lost between tired threads

A hopeless path
Filled with emptiness of once full craft
Trying to stoke the flame to life
The ashes are already dead stuck with a knife

F.C. Janes

2 thoughts on “Snuffed

  1. Wow Fred. I knew you were deep, amazing. Keep writing.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • I never stop. That is why I have a closet over flowing with filled note books that need some attention to find out what is actually on them.


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