Dark Summer Days

Tears streamed her face
As if she was sprayed with mace
Her child was missing
And now everything was depressing

Strangers stared
To approach her they did not dare

Her child’s whispers are gone
And the summer days have become so long
The days were shinning
But to her they’re dark and depressing

The phone rang
Sending chills down her spine

The voice on the other end said
“Sorry we found him”
They continued to mumble
She dropped the phone and fell to the ground with a rumble

Two nights’ pass
In wait for the gathering mass

The clouds were dark
As people stood side by side in a park
Black was the fashion of choice
As they all listened to a solemn voice

He was laid to rest
Left with memories of the past


I wanted to share something a little different today.  This poem I wrote back in 2003 for a contest for a website that no longer exists (at least I don’t think it does) called Mystical Realms.  The site was an online role playing site as well as a place to share stores, poems, and take part in some fun contests.  In this particular contest you had three words to choose from.  The poem you wrote had to use one of these words.  I used all three.  The words are depressing, summer, and dark.  Enjoy. 


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