Shred of Doubt

As heard on Georgina Life

Corson stood there looking up at the giant beast.  The coarse fur that covered the creature’s body stood on end.  Both stunned by surprised to have run in to another creature.  Violently and suddenly the creature lashed out.

Diving out of the way Corson felt  a blast of air against his cheek as the clawed paw missed popping his head off by millimeters.  Corson tried to roll gracefully but ended up sliding on the slick grass of the swamp and landed hard on his side.  His face half covered in the slimy mud he turned to see the great beast rear around in his direction.  Scrambling to his feet Corson reached for the hilt of his sword but found it missing.  Panic washed over him like a sickness, never had his sword fallen from his scabbard or his hand.  Looking around he spotted it not far from where he stood.  Reaching to his belt on the opposite side he pulled a small thin bladed dagger meant for stabbing between the openings in armor, not for slaying a monster.

Snarling the beast’s sickly yellow eyes locked in on him.  Drool ran from between the beast’s teeth dripping like an hourglass counting down how much time Corson had to live.  Driving forward the beast slammed in to Corson knocking him to the ground.  The weight of the beast was slowly crushing the metal of his breastplate and forcing him to sink in to the soft mud of the swamp floor.

The ground rose up around him, water started to seep up filling the crevices.   Ribs cracked and broke under the weight of the beast.  Reaching up with his hands in a last chance effort.  Corson found one of the yellow eyes and dug his thumb as deep as he could in to the socket.

The beast roared in pain and reared up and off Corson.  Not wasting a second of his freedom from the beast’s grasp he pushed up and out of the soggy hole and rolled away from the beast.  His attention was solely on getting his sword back.

Ripping his armor off his chest he let it drop to the ground, painfully he ran towards his blade.  Hearing the beast roar behind him Corson dove for the blade that sent bolts of pain through his body.

Rolling on to his back he thrust the blade up and away from him.  The beast that was already in flight could only look on helplessly as the blade sunk in to its chest burring the sword to its hilt.

Corson lay there his chest heaving, the stink of the beast over powering his senses.  He could hear the deep shallow breaths it took.  The beating of its giant heart was slowing.  Using all his might Corson rolled the beast over and sat on top of the creature.

He hung his head and took a deep breath.  “Never a shred of doubt.”

The End

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