Three Reasons

Kids “next Monday is the field trip to Earth Orbit. Where we will watch the humans in their natural habitat. Upon returning from the field trip you will be expected to write a report on what you witnessed and what you have learned. Now be sure that tomorrow you will bring back the permission slips signed by your parents. If you don’t have them in by tomorrow you will not be able to join your class mates on the trip.”
Glog turned and looked to his friend and whispered quietly. “Are you parents going to let you go?”
I think so Glog, my Da went when he was our age so I don’t think he is worried. But my mom is concerned. You know with what has been going on there in the last decade.”
Glog sat back in his seat and smiled at Flob. His parents were not sold on the idea of observing the people from Earth. With their new technology and ability to look out in to space visiting Earth is becoming harder to do.
The sound of chimes echoed through the school and the kids all jumped from their desk excited that another school day had come to an end. “Remember kids!” The teacher yelled after them. “Get your permission slips signed.” She wondered if any of the kids had even heard her over the excitement of the chimes signaling the weekend was here.

Glog was not so excited as the other kids rushed for the exit looking forward to the weekend. He knew that as soon as he got home he would have to convince his parents to let him go and he wasn’t so sure that he was going to be able to do that. He stared out the window of the airship as it raced through the sky. Glog looked at the clouds and imagined what they looked like. Some looked like the six legged hanker, a huge furry creature that lived in the purple forest of Ven. Others looked like fish in the aqua oceans and well some just didn’t look like anything.
A ladies voice came over the P.A system. “Next stop Yelt Street.” With a heavy sigh Glog got his backpack on and got ready to get off. The bus stopped and hovered over the road. Glog walked up to a circular symbol on the buses floor. The driver looked at Glog and nodded, he nodded back and in a shimmer of purple light Glog disappeared and shortly reappeared on the street below. A few friends still on the air shuttle waved as it zoomed off disappearing in the clouds.

Glog walked down the street, his head hung low looking at the sidewalk. The green cement passed beneath his feet. When he looked up he had walked two homes past his and backtracked. Standing at the path that lead to the front door Glog just stared at it. Wondering how he was going to convenience his parents to let him go on this trip. The door swung open.
“Glog what are you doing just standing there?”
Glog looked at his mom and gave her a half smile.
What’s the matter son?” His father peaked out from behind his mother.
“Nothing .” Glog shook his head as he walked towards the door.
“I know my son and I know when something is wrong? Is Blok bulling you again?”
“No Mum!” Glog looked up at his Mum, angered that she would bring up that issue in front of his father. “If you must know it’s the trip…I want to go. My friends are going.” Glog walked past his parents and in to the home. Dropping his school bag on the bench he went in to the living room and plopped down on the couch. He heard his mother and father come in behind him.
“Son it is a dangerous trip.” His mother said taking a seat next to him, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder. “More so now son then when we had the opportunity to take the trip. The humans have become violent. Worse then when I visited the planet.”
“We just don’t want anything to happen to you. They have technology that lets them put junk into space. Like missiles and all these things can hurt and even kill everyone on board. We want to see you have a long happy life. That is all.”
“I get it, but all my friends already have their permission slips signed.”
“Son…” Glog’s father said. “You give me three reasons why you think you should go and I will consider them.”
Glog looked up at his dad. “One, I get to see another planet and learn about it. Two I get to watch another people, how amazing is that Dad to see another species of life? Three, it’s a right of passage, it is a sign that we are moving on to the next lesson, the next step in my life.” Sighed Glog.
Glog’s father looked at his mother. Their eyes met and his lips thinned. He didn’t think his song would have come up with reasons that had so much thought behind them in such little time. He was expecting reasons like his friends were going, or it was cool. The surprise his son gave him was pleasant.
“Is this something that you believe you need to do?”
“Yes“ Da it is.”
“Okay we will sign the permission slip but you must do something for your Mum and I.”
“Anything Da, I’ll do the dishes for…forever. I’ll keep my room clean…anything Da.”
“Well all those reason are good and you should be doing them to begin with. But what I was thinking is this weekend I will take you to Buy Best and we will pick up a planetary phone that you will carry with you on the trip. You must call us when you arrive and check in through out the trip. That is my only stipulation.”
Glog nodded. “Of course I’ll even take pictures and sent them to you.” Glog jumped from the couch and hugged his Mum and Da. “Thank you so much.”
Glog’s Da rubbed the top of his sons head. “Well get your jacket, lets get this phone now and get it set up.”
Glog grabbed his jacket and was at the door before his Da had even put his shoes on.

The End.

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