Candy Apple Red

Sitting in the living room Johnny had his Holo-Mask on that allowed him to project images on to surfaces throughout his home. It allowed him to do everything from watching T.V, playing video games, and surfing the web. Using hand jesters Johnny skipped through pages of the VirtWeb looking at cars. Lately Johnny was obsessed with cars ever since his father had told him about the car his grandfather had once owned.
Johnny found it hard to believe that cars once rolled on wheels and a person actually had to control it. These were things that he had trouble picturing. But he was determined to find videos or images of people driving cars.

The VirtWeb was full of information, the days of the Internet had come and gone and so did the adult videos and pictures that filled up 90% of it. Society embraced knowledge and information over gluttony and lustful urges. No longer did YouTube serve up videos of guys kicking other guys in the balls, or girls bouncing their tits so they could get famous. Now YouTube was all instructional videos and a learning resource where schools and other education facilities posted classes. It was a future where traveling across the country to attend an Ivy League College was no longer necessary.

Johnny was excited. He finally stumbled upon an automotive history v-log and was able to see some of the videos of men and women driving cars. It was the first time he had seen a steering wheel or cars actually sitting on tires and not hovering silently above the ground.
‘Dad! I found something…come here quick and bring your Holo-Mask.’ Johnny flipped through more pictures and videos until he stopped at an image of an old Corvette. The picture had captivated his mind as he waited for his father.
‘What did you find son?’ Dad linked in with his Holo-Mask and soon the same image popped up on his screen. ‘That is a beauty, I had a poster of that car on my wall as kid and worked hard to own such a vehicle.’
‘Dad, what color is that? I have never seen a color like that before. Our cars no longer look like that or come like that, with the nano-paint that keeps cars clean and in perfect condition.’
‘Yeah, it’s a shame too. I know the nano-paint is used to absorb the energy from the sun and to power the cars, but back then son paint was an expression of the owner. Ahh, the color is candy red I’d say.’
Johnny cooed. ‘Can we go to the automotive museum this Saturday? I’d really like to learn more about old cars.’
‘Sure son, I’d like that.’ Dad put his arm around his son as the continued to flip through old images of cars. A smile was on his face as Dad got to relive his youth and share his passion of cars with his son.

The End

J.C. Fredricks

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