Field Trip

“Kids do you have your permission slips?” Miss Ackorn said looking around at her students as they held the permission slips in the air. “Good, now hand them off to Andy, our operator for this trip and then take your seats. Make sure you fashion all safety harnesses.

The well behaved kids formed a single line and all walked into the time travelling school bus handing their signed permission slips to Andy as he scanned them in to the travel log. Once all the children were inside Andy stood at the front of the bus and looked back at the seated children.
“Okay here are the rules on this trip, you will always keep your arms and legs inside the bus at all times until we have arrived. Do not get separated from the group, if you do find yourself lost, please press your locator beacon that we have provided and a rescue team will be bought in to find you. The most important thing to remember is to listen to all instructions issued by your teacher Miss Ackorn and myself. Everybody understand?”
“Yes Andy!” The children said together.
“Good, any questions?” Andy asked but no hands went up.
“Good let’s get this show on the road!” Andy turned to take the controls of the bus as the kids cheered behind him. Every one excited for todays field trip.

With in seconds they had travelled back to the prehistoric period, the doors of the school bus opened and the children lined up to exit.
“Okay kids should a dinosaur show itself…” Before Miss Ackorn could finish a ginger haired kid ran past her and out in to the prehistoric forest.
“Ha-ha look at me, first one out!” Larry started to take giant steps and shorted his hands. “Look at me I’m a scary T-Rex, rarrrrr!” Larry looked back at the bus and noticed that all the kids stared at him with shock and terror on their faces, not the humor he expected. The school bus doors closed and Andy hit the emergency button. They return to 2164.

“Here you are sir, Larry, as good as new. We downloaded the latest memory back up and he should be up to date. But we must advise that you inform your child the safety of staying alive. Cloning technology can only do so much and this is the third time your child has perished on a field trip. You know that we cannot guarantee accuracy past the 4th generation. So do take care, your son is running out of second chances.”
“Yes of course, we will have a stern talking with Larry tonight.” Larry’s father flashed him a stern glare. “He will have a leash around his neck for the next little while.”
“Good day.” The Doctor said.
“Thank you Doc.”

The End.

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