The Almighty Schedule

I figure if I make one of these I might actually stick with it. Plus, getting my procrastinating ass off the couch and away from video games might help as well. So below is the plan I have created for posting to my blog. You wont have to wait long for my first post.

Short Stories will be posted every Friday. They will vary in length but this should give me enough time to write and edit. Especially now that I have written about 20 short stories this should allow enough time to keep up.

Poetry will be once or twice a month. Yes, I know it’s shorter than a story but I find poetry writing an emotional experience. At least for me it is and it takes me a bit longer to get these poems out than a short story. It also takes more will power to share.

Opinion is not something I’m huge on sharing. Probably because I’m not here to create waves, I’m just here to share my stories with those who may be interested in reading them, or buying them, or hell offering me a contract. So don’t expect at lot if any of these. I’m more of a creative writer and my non-fiction writing tends to go in to my journals.

So this is the plan, let’s see how long it takes for me to say @#$# it and play video games.

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